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Pernille Matthews

Research Assistant @ SDU

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I am a PhD Fellow at the Aarhus University (AU) in the Department of Computer Science, collaborating with the AI Pioneer Centre. The AI Pioneer Centre aims to produce world-class AI research and enable interdisciplinary collaborations.

My PhD topic is within Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), and my research focuses on clustering and outlier detection. As a researcher, I aim to enhance the human-machine relationship by evolving the field of XAI. XAI is a vital area within AI. The value of XAI is especially noticeable in high-risk domains, such as health care, and much work exists to use AI within high-risk fields effectively.

Besides research, I have a company, Prime Coding ApS, where I work on smaller consultancy and developer-type jobs. I enjoy consulting with the industry, whether it is a small chat about the current state of ML and XAI or helping on projects.

The purpose of this site is to share my research, projects and areas that I am interested in, and maybe you are too.