Danish Companies Dashboard :An Interactive, Geospatial Visualisation of Industries and Profit in Denmark

Paper: Danish Companies Dashboard

Demo: Interactive Dashboard

Visualisation Project and Scientific Paper

During my MSc in Data Science, I had a visualisation course, where a project was assigned. The objective of the project was to select a dataset, perform any necessary preprocessing, and then use the data to create a visualisation in form of a Dashboard. Additionally, a scientific paper of ~5 pages was required describing the dashboard and objective of the project in detail.

Danish Companies Dashboard (DCD)

The project was a group project where I collaborated with two fellow data science students, Tobias Hyrup and David Nhan Thien Nguyen. For our project, we choose company data from the "The Central Business Register"; denoted as "Virk". This register includes data from all companies in Denmark. Access to the API was open, and the data was therefore freely available but required much preprocessing.

Our overall ambition with the project was to create an overview of companies, showing Denmark's different industries and profits. This was due to the gap we saw regarding the lack of visualisation of Danish Companies. Most visualisations exist behind closed doors, meaning that private companies produce dashboards sold to companies and are not publicly available. Furthermore, we wanted to explore the negative discourse regarding the outskirts of Denmark. In Denmark, the rural parts of Denmark are known as "udkantsdanmark", translated to "rural Denmark". The problem with rural Denmark has been the issue of dealing with high unemployment and poor education possibilities. We wanted to investigate the business environment in modern times and uncover whether rural Denmark remains mostly agriculture or whether the municipalities have successfully improved the discourse.

A static view of the dashboard can be seen below:

Full DCD

Presenting the DCD

Our project was submitted to LEVIA'22, a conference in Leipzig. We were delighted for the acceptance and opportunity to present our dashboard in Leipzig. DCD Presentation

Presenting left to right: David Nhan Thien Nguyen, Pernille Mathews, Tobias Hyrup